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Our Services

Silver Lining Living provides a full spectrum of services for all of your loved ones; seniors, children, pets, and everyone in-between. Also, servicing individuals who need personal assistance in their home or professional life. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing compassionate care and attentive support to our cherished clients. Contact us today to learn more about our many services catering to your every need.

One on One
Senior Care/Companionship

Our team of caregivers provides personalized care and support to seniors who prefer to stay at home. We offer assistance with daily activities, medication management, transportation, and  much more.

As a Private One on One Companion, we carefully select a staff member that best compliments your personality and shares similar interests. We guarantee compatibility to  optimise enjoyment, while meeting all your socialization needs. We provide stimulating activities that exercise cognitive fitness, thus maintaining and combatting decline in mental and emotional health.

Personal Assistant Services

We offer personal assistant services to individuals who need help with errands, scheduling appointments, organizing their home, and more.

Need help in your professional life? We are educated and highly experienced in several popular industries including Healthcare, Real Estate, Marketing, and Sales.

Home Organization Services

Our team of organizers can help you declutter and organize your home. From closets to kitchens, we can help you create a space that is functional and beautiful.

Consulting Services for Residential Care Facilities

Our consulting services help residential care facilities to operate smoothly and efficiently. From staff training to facility management, we offer customized solutions to meet your needs.

Full Service Property Management

We offer full-service property management for property owners who need help with maintenance, repairs, and tenant management.

Pet Care

🐾   If you're in need of a reliable accompaniment for you pet, look no further! 🐱 Whether you have a playful feline friend or a loyal canine in your family, I offer boarding services at a competitive rate starting at $30.00 for Cats & $35.00 for Dogs per day. Your furry family members will enjoy a comfortable and safe environment under my watchful eye, ensuring they receive the love and attention they deserve while you're away. From feeding and playtime to cozy rest areas, I prioritize the well-being and happiness of every pet in my care. 🐾 Additionally, if your pup craves some outdoor fun, I'm thrilled to provide dog walking services to keep them active and fulfilled. For those moments when you need to travel or work late, I also offer reliable in/out home overnight care and a variety of other pet sitting options to accommodate your schedule with the highest convenience. As a small business owner, I have the most desirable flexibility available. If you're interested in discussing your pet care needs, feel free to drop me a message. I can't wait to meet your furry friends and provide them with the best care possible!

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